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2018 - 3 Guys in a Living Room

Anchor Group began as a small NetSuite Consulting operation out of the founder's living room. The company was started in the hopes that it would become a place in which to begin a Brotherhood of lay Christian men working and praying together for the good of all. The business was entirely bootstrapped, with no outside investment and nothing but a prayer and dependence on Divine Providence. The first few hires had no experience in NetSuite and learned on the job, largely by self-instruction. After a series of dry spells and just-in-time opportunities for work, they were able to gain traction and retain enough clients to continue growing.


2019-2020 - Growing Up

Anchor Group moved to a real office space in Sun Prairie, WI. It grew to 4, then 6, then 10 employees. New hires often had to teach themselves as they went with limited time to spare from experienced consultants. While they worked and grew, those interested began planning for the establishment of a Brotherhood. Daily habits of prayer and Formation (and nerf) were created and practiced. A Constitution and a Rule were written.


2021 - Branching Out

On the Feast of the Queenship of Mary, the Brotherhood of Saint Joseph was formally constituted in a ceremony at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in East Bristol, WI with six founding members. Our approach to Formation took better form, including our first theatrical production. Anchor Group continued to grow and branched out into a new office in Oakdale, MN by the end of the year.


2022-2023 - Following Joseph

The Brotherhood of Saint Joseph has continued to grow, with 14 Brothers and Novices spread throughout our house locations. Each house has refined their culture, Formation planning, and prayer life. Anchor Group opened its newest office in Brookfield, WI in 2022. We now have 30+ full-time employees with a supporting cast of Interns and Contractors.

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